We understand that you care about how your personal information is being used online. In all our operations we treat your privacy with the outermost concern and we are thankful for your confidence.

What is a privacy policy?

In our case it is a policy covering how we gather and use information from you when interacting with our online services. This policy not only applies to and our app but also to widgets and other hosted services released by us published on websites belonging to our partners.

Why do you gather information?

Our aim is to build the best search engine for women’s fashion. In order to do so user feedback is critical. This feedback comes in many forms. One of the most important is user actions and behavior on the site/app.

Can you give an example?

For example, if you make a search for the terms "t- shirt + bra" our search engine will initially have a hard time understanding if you are looking for something in the women’s tops section or the women’s lingerie section. However, after registering that most users selected the lingerie section our system becomes smarter and more useful.

What information do you gather?

Information comes in many different forms. We only gather information we feel needed to improve our services.

  • Automatic information is collected when our users complete actions on our site. These actions can be everything from conducting a search to visiting one of the participating stores. Furthermore, our server logs will tell us about the user’s web traffic data. That involves stuff like IP address, referral URL, browser version, etc. This automatic information is analyzed anonymously and in aggregate.
  • User provided information is collected whenever our users actively register information on our site. For example when saving items as favorites, participating in contests or registering for membership. Our service works great even though you do not provide us this information. However, with this information you will get a more personalized experience.
  • Email communication can also be a means for collection useful information. Your mail software may send a confirmation that you have received an e-mail from us for example.
  • Other sources of information are also of importance in order for us to create the best search engine for women’s fashion. Our partner stores send us notification when purchases are being made through us. This information is used in order to more efficiently rank and recommend products to our users.

What about those cookies?

Cookies are small text files saved by websites in your browser. They are used to help websites improve user experience and also to keep track of things. As a user you can always choose not to accept cookies by changing settings in your web browser. Read more about cookies at Wikipedia.

  • We use cookies to remember what products you have shown an interest in, what items you choose as favorites and also from what source you found our site.
  • Advertising partners on our site might also use cookies in order to more efficiently target their advertising messages and hopefully thereby making it more relevant to you.
  • Finally, we use third party software on our site that uses cookies. This software helps with our in-house ad inventory and generation of stats.

For example, if you have looked at several maxi dresses our system might recommend high heels shoes or clutch handbags to go with it.

Will you share your information?

We only share your information with others when we strongly feel that this will help us improve our business and help us reach our objective to become the best fashion search engine for women.

When sharing information the intimacy of our users is of the outermost concern for us. Most information shared is therefore analyzed in aggregated form without individual information attached.

Is the information secure?

We respect your privacy in everything we do and work in several ways to keep your information secure.

  • Keeping your passwords private is one of the most important things in order to safeguard that your information stays secure. When registering on our site we encourage you to create a strong password and not share it with others.
  • We use industry standard technical solutions in order to protect the information we collect. Most of the information is coded making it even harder to use and interpret.
  • Restricted access to information within our organization. Only employees that strongly needs access to collected information is granted. No one is allowed to export information to external disks or e-mail it.

What’s your policy on e-mail?

Our policy on e-mail is very simple and straightforward,

  1. We only send e-mail to you if you have asked for it
    We send e-mail by several reasons to our users. For example when users sign up for newsletters, promotion alerts, new product alerts, completes registration, request password, etc. We always specify why a mail has been sent.
  2. If you don’t want to receive e-mails we stop immediately
    In all ongoing e-mail communication we include a link to unsubscribe making it easy and painless for you to cancel receiving.
  3. We value your time
    We understand that your time is valuable to you. Therefore we only include information in our e- mails that we strongly believe that you will benefit and feel joy from receiving.

Do I have any choice?

Privacy is becoming a bigger issue every day online. As a publisher we understand that we have to give our users a choice. Therefore we strive to make our business work even though you choose not to accept cookies and registering on our site.

We also let you as a user add, edit or delete most of the information you have provided us in your account.